Family Stories

“Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.” 

—A. A. Milne

Social media paints a picture that all families are perfect, and that the moments truly worth remembering are the milestones like birthdays, first steps and graduations. But, I bet that if I asked you to sift through all of your photos right now, choosing the pictures that mattered the most to you, they probably aren’t the ones where you look perfect with matching outfits and cheesy smiles.

Instead, I imagine the images that tug at your heart the most are the ones that capture the in-between moments that happen each day, often going unnoticed until it’s too late. Those are the moments that tell the truest story of our lives in all of their messy, chaotic, and beautiful glory.

The days may be long, but the years are very very short.

We all say some version of that phrase at one point or another, but nobody truly feels the full impact of those words until you realize that all of a sudden your children are much older seemingly overnight, and that the memories of those magical in-between moments that used to feel neverending, have started to fade away.

I absolutely love working with families, and use a combination of documentary and lifestyling photography and filmmaking to preserve those fleeting memories so they can be revisited again and again. By working with me you have the option of both freezing a moment in time in a single photograph, as well as capturing your family in motion, complete with all the sights and sounds of your daily life to revisit again and again. Filmmaking isn’t just for weddings anymore, and family films can be a wonderful and unique way to tell your family’s story!

Every great story begins with you!

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If you’re still not sure if this style is right for you, consider this:

Families come in all shapes and sizes
There are all kinds of families. Whether you are a kid mom, a dog dad, empty nesters, or a couple in love, there is never a wrong time to make some memories. I support families of all kinds and would love to spend some time with you and tell your story.

You can wear whatever you want…and so can your kids!
Can’t find your shoes? No problem! You ate too much the night before and are only comfortable in your Thanksgiving pants? I’ll never tell! Your kid wants to stay in pajamas? Who cares? In fact sometimes it’s better that way bedhead and all!

It’s all in the details
Some of the best stories are told through the tiniest details, and those details often lead to the most vivid memories. it is easy to forget the beauty that lies in the mundane, but it’s always there just waiting for someone to notice.

You don’t even have to leave your house
You don’t have to clean it either. What could be better than that? You are welcome to pick the underwear off the floor before I come, but I promise your house will ALWAYS be cleaner than mine!

Everything can be an adventure
If you do want to leave your house, we can take fun pictures anywhere! I love documenting family adventures big and small, whether it’s a trip to Home Depot, or a once in a lifetime family vacation, I will happily tag along clicking my shutter along the way.

Remember, you’re doing a great job!
Life with kids is a constant and exhausting whirlwind of chaos that always changes, and rarely stops. It can be easy to fall down the never-ending rabbit hole of social media and feel like as a parent that you’re not doing a good job, but I promise that you ARE, and I’ll show you the images to prove it!

Come as you are
Not every moment in life results in a cheese-filled smile. Sometimes we have bad days. Sometimes we’re grumpy. Sometimes we’re sad. These emotions are all valid and are worth remembering, because it is both the happy AND sad moments that make a family.

You won’t get these days back
Childhood is fleeting and I don’t know a single parent that doesn’t miss something that happened when their child was younger, no matter the age. Let me help you hold on to those tiny toes, belly laughs, teenage grunts and all the messy beautiful moments in-between, a little bit longer.

No parent left behind
There’s always one family member who ends up taking the majority of the pictures. Unfortunately, the photo taker is also often the one left behind and out of the frame. Even if you don’t like stepping in front of a camera, one day you’ll be glad you did, and so will your kids. It won’t matter if you still have 15 pounds you want to lose or you don’t like the way your hair looks. What you’ll see instead is the connection you have with your family and the value that you bring to them each and every day. Remember, you were there too!

It doesn’t matter where you live, what kind of family you have, or what path your life has taken you on. Every moment has value. Every life is worth remembering, and every family has a story to tell. I would be honored if you would let me tell yours.