Story Coaching & Experience Curation

A world of adventure, a lifetime of stories

We are all born with an innate sense of wonder and the courage to dream. But somewhere along the way, we begin to believe that we aren’t worthy of dreaming, replacing wonder with excuses, letting our dreams slowly fade away. Often the opinions of others become the voice we listen to instead of hearing the whispers in our own hearts.

Imagine that you are suddenly transported decades into the future and have been given the opportunity to curl up in a cozy chair with a steaming mug of your favorite drink, ready to watch a movie of your life. What kinds of stories would play out in each scene? Are you an active character fearlessly moving the narrative forward and passionately living your dream? Or, are you someone passively watching from the sidelines, always feeling like there was something more out there you were meant to do, but never quite able to figure out how to become your own hero?

I believe that I was put on this earth to inspire people to live boldly, turn dreams into reality, and show up in the world as the best possible version of themselves.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Are you someone who feels stuck on the path you’ve chosen, going through the motions, unsure of how to move forward into the life you’ve always wanted to live, but never thought you could?
  • Do you spend so much time helping other people, you haven’t taken the time to help yourself. Do you know what lights a fire inside of you and motivates you to move forward?
  • Have you had an opportunity to explore the possibilities and discover your untold story?
  • Have you always felt like you were meant to do something more, but aren’t sure what it is or how to get there? Are you afraid that you will never step into the light, find your purpose and realize your dreams?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I have lived through every one of those scenarios I just described, so I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can help you dream big, and work with you to create an action plan to bring your dream to life, creating the story you were always meant to live.

Not sure what your dream is yet? That’s OK! I love introducing people to new opportunities. Together we can curate a wide variety of rich experiences that will not only give you stories to share, but also help you discover your passion.

One thing that makes me unique from other coaches, is not only can I help you discover and curate your story; identifying goals, creating action plans, and introducing you to new experiences, I can also give you a tangible reminder so you’ll never forget your journey.

As a photographer and filmmaker I use photo and video to bring your story to life and can create a custom visual experience that you can enjoy again and again, share with others in a meaningful way.

You deserve the right to be happy. What you have to say is important, and you deserve to be heard. Imagine what the world would be like if we all gave ourselves permission to dream and show up as our true and authentic selves.

It’s time to step into the light, and become the hero of your own unique story.

It only takes one story to change the world. Imagine what yours could do.

Book a free story session with me today, and let’s explore the possibilities together.