It only takes one story to change the world. Imagine what yours could do.

Meet Cat: I believe in dreams that are bright and bold, joyful learning, and the enduring power of story to change perspective and inspire audiences across the world.

Your Story, Your Way

I don’t fit in a box, and neither do you!

Every single soul on this planet has a unique and important story to tell. The question is, how will you tell yours?

I combine stunning visuals with a compelling narrative, individualized storytelling strategies, and in-depth story coaching to help people just like you discover and share your untold stories, allowing you to show up in the world as your true and authentic self.

If you’re here, it means you are ready to share a piece of your story, even if you haven’t fully discovered what that means yet. Whether you’re looking to discover, change, or share your story, I can help!


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Drawing from a diverse background in the arts and education, as well as over a decade in the museum field sharing stories with audiences of all ages, I offer a customized range of services to meet your unique storytelling needs including:
  • Storytelling strategy for your business to uncover the best stories to tell that meet your mission, values and brand, and the most effective places to share them for optimal engagement
  • Documentary-style photography and filmmaking for your family, business, trip, or event
  • Individual coaching or team workshops to teach you the most effective ways to deliver a compelling story
  • Experience curation and coaching to help you explore new avenues and ideas to create exciting stories for yourself, and live the life you’ve always dreamed

Every great story begins with you!

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